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Lost OEM HMi data recovery . Industrial electrical controls issues . Automation controls issues  . PLc/HMi installations, 

Proprietary controls upgrades to PLc/HMi . SCADA moDBus RTu, IP / Remote/ Cleanroom controls

VFd/HMi/SCADa pump and motor controls . K-factor flow/water/process metering and hypertrend data logging

New PLc/HMi installations . Machine IP networks . Programming and Plant controls upgrades

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Now offering data backup for  all  Allen Bradley SLC-500 01 02 03 04 05 cpu's. I will visit your plant, upload and

hard copy your  data to a thumbdrive. Don't risk lost data, machine downtime due to hard faults and lost OEM vendor

programming. We also perform QuickPanel Jr. to Pro-face HMi  upload, recovery and software change outs. Don't lose that

data over hardware failure!!

Excellent Rates!  Short term, long term and contractual maintenance...



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Consulting      Installation    Programming      Modbus IP Networking     Scada/HMI      Controls Troubleshooting      Controls Upgrades  

HMi front end design . PLc/HMi/VFd programming . Temperature Data Logging       USDA/FDA Refrigeration temperature data logging and alarming .   

Proprietary motherboard to HMi PLc changeouts . Pnuematic Tri-clove valve control . Conveyor Photo-eye's and proximity switch's . Pump and Motor

speed controls . UL rated panel construction . 


Specializing in


Jumo Smokehouse Controls

AutomationDirect plc's vfd's ctrio ecom

AutomationDirect C-more HMI

AutomationDirect MB-Gateway

Ds5 programming

Allen Bradley SLC, micrologix, powerflex

RSlogix programming

Mitsubishi Fx series

Melsec medoc, FX win

National Instruments Lookout SCADA

Omron controllers and VFD's

Pro-face HMi and GP-Pro-ex software

IFM Efector

Specializing in HMi's . Programmable Logic Control's and Variable Frequency Drives

Complete plant start ups    l    New control panel construction  l   Scada ip servers l HMI TCP/ip



Offering QuickPanel changeouts to Pro-face utilizing GP-Pro-EX software and PRJ. converters...


Simple to complex HMI frontend  for any Plc Vfd Microprocessor Vendor

      Also serving Jumo process controls since 1991 servicing MPF 88's, KPF AFOS and LPF-100-200 series controllers and          offering the latest in Jumo Imago 500™ and Imago 3000™ Smokehouse recipe based process controllers.

Recipe based fan speeds, pneumatic dampers, refrigeration, smoke generator, after burner/ precipitator based on time/setpoint/core changeover, %h , step on time or core.

OEM New, change outs, controls troubleshooting and onsite panel upgrades.

Reich houses

Vortron houses

Deutze houses

Mauer houses


Salmon/Meat Smokehouses
Coffee Roasting Control
Commercial Ovens
Remote recipe writing and programming
HMI/Scada read writable via RS-485 or IP conversion
Microprocessor upgrades
FDA USDA Approved data logging 

 Offering the complete installation of Jumo Imago 500 and 3000 microprocessors to include desktop design and programming for 1+ truck ovens. Also offering Modbus communications via IP or serial scada and HMI panels for recipe, data logging remote access and control.

Imago F500 Smokehouse controller featuring 4 RTD/thermocouple input

to include oven, humidity, core step on time/core control. Multiple screens,

and inhouse design to your specifications. Setup software included for the

writing of recipes from any remote desktop pc or laptop. Complete fan, damper,

VFD control of all oven aspects. Modbus RTU ready and modifiable to Modbus IP



Imago F3000 ™ controller with 8

RTD/thermocoulpe inputs. Shown in landscape offering oven, %humidity, and core temp control based on time or step

on core setpoint. Complete control of fans, motors, dampers, variable frequency drives and precipitators.  Includes

programming and setup software for remote, inhouse recipe writing from any windows pc.  All controllers have

Modbus RTU and can be modified to modbus IP for any SCADA/HMi frontend.

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No project to small to plant wide systems integration!

Not in Seattle, no problem, I make service calls anywhere in the U.S.A. !

  • single-multiple HMI VFD touchscreen controls

  • conveyor staging

    • water bottling fillers

    • brew house fillers

    • Co2 cam trip

    • tank farm gaging, k factor flow and valving

      • movie set prop and drum timer sequencing

      • control panel troubleshooting

        • brewhouse production lines

        • water bottling lines

        • soda pop lines

        • depal and pal issues

        • inverted rinser tie in and speed control

        • hmi bottle/case count

        • conveyor line timing and speed sync

        • label-er stepper~servo tie in

        • data loging and trending

        • pump station wireless remote controls

        • simple or complex machine controls

        • motor and pump sequencing

        • spread spectrum radio telemetry       

        • transducer tank gaging      

        • plc vfd 3phase pump motor control      

        • onsight control cabinet construction         

        • conveyors product transitioning

        • vendor plc layering

        • retroflective, pnp, npn photo eye's

        • proximity switches

          • bottle back up issues

          • product movement

          • multi machine communication

          • machine IP networking

          • plant wide machine IP assignment

          • plant wide control harness

          • k-factor pipeline flow controls

          • hmi batch tank level control

          • high speed filler issues

          • soda plants

          • brewhouses

          • production

          • touchscreen pc's

          • all in one control pc's

          • profile recipe controllers

          • microprocessors

          • temperature and pid controllers

          • pnuematic cylinder control

          • vfd motor speed control

          • plc installations

          • plc programming

          • low voltage controls

          • plant wide controls troubleshooting

          • boiler flame safety monitoring




          • Past and present controls projects:
          • ABC Depallitzers 
          • Salmolux, Federal Way, WA.
          • Foods of New Mexico, New Mexico Food Dist. Abq. NM.  
          • Jensen's Smokehouse, Seattle, WA.
          • Smokey Foods, Seattle, WA
          • Elysian Brewery, Seattle, WA.
          • Orca Beverage Co., Mukilteo, WA.
          • Acme Foods, Jack Mountain Foods, Burlington, WA.
          • American Brewery, Edmonds, WA.
          • United Airlines, CoGeneration power plant, SanFrancisco CA.
          • Hawaiian Isle Water Bottling Co. Honolulu, Hi.
          • Deep well pump station water utility, Maui, HI
          • Crowley Maritime, Seattle, WA.
          • The January Corporation, Kent, WA.
          • Sound Sleep Products, Tacoma, WA.
          • Garden Fresh Foods, Woodinville, WA.
          • Cauldron Broths, Bellingham, WA.
          • Plitt Seafoods, Kent, WA.
          • GetWater, Mukilteo, WA.